Couples’ Sexual impotence measures

Couples’ Sexual impotence measures

The sexual impotence could be found in couples or one of them, it has no limits, but everyone has some percentage of it.
According to recent indicators, there are 152 million men all over the world suffers from the Sexual impotence, and this number is predicted to increase with 900.000 over this current year.

Couples’ Sexual impotence measures

Note that, before 1992 they used to call the sexual impotence as “sexual disability abuse”, but it was decided that “Sexual Impotence” is the accurate medical expression, and also less negative than “Sexual Disability Abuse”.

The Wife’s Sexual Impotence

It can medically be described as a lack of lust or stagnation, also she doesn’t share her husband there special minutes, this deprivation poses a danger to woman’s health.
There are almost 50% of women who have the lack of desire or even interacting the sexual relation continuously.
Generally, doctors say that it is common to have this shortage with woman’s sexual desire. The nature of woman’s physical and psychological and her response circulation is totally different from the man.
So, the hypersexuality or frigidity usually happens as a response or reaction to many conditions that affects the psychological or physical case, there is no problem if it is temporary happened, as it is occasionally happen, but if it continued to the stage that it affects the sexual relation, hence we must search for its reasons.
sexual disability abuse

We should ensure that none of these is the reason (take medications such as contraceptive pills or have sialadenosis such as thyroiditis, or any other disease) you must get sure that the husband is not experiencing Speed extrusion or other things like that.
If the female don’t have any organic reason, it is possible that she has a psychological reason, so she might have to misunderstand with her husband, or they may have some stuck problems, in addition of that they have disconnection and mistrust, all of that will reflect directly on their sexual relation, and then they get Frigidity.

sexual relation

Besides all of that, all the negative emotions such as anxiety, frustration, tension, and others will definitely result in losing the sexual desire, that makes woman unfocused or not relaxed while having sex.
The sexual relation is considered human relationship before it is a physical one, so it is very important to get some Psychological and emotional communication during the daytime, it preferred the whole day as much as possible, all of this is very important and we should care about it before going in the sexual relation.
A woman should know these issues and she must know the differences between the true, realistic and scientific, not to compare her case with things that experienced by her friends or neighbors, or even what she read on the internet as most of these are exaggerated and not true at all.
This all will engage her thinking, as she will have a false ratio about her husband’s performance, which results that she is not satisfied even it is a natural command, then she will experience a lack of concern towards her husband as she thinking of what she knew from different sources, so we should be careful when we get these excesses and inaccuracies that are promoted on the media.

sexual hypodynamia

Doctors usually advises to have continuous connection between the couple, using different sexual contact, like the physical contact, such as having message in comfortable atmosphere and appropriate time, and explore their thoughts, know more about their hotspots for each of them, that will validate the intellectual and physical connection between them, and eliminates shame and embarrassment, and makes both of them feels comfortable and relax.
Also they recommend having frank dialogue to discuss their needs during the sexual relation, even its time, it could be the non-appropriate time for the wife or wife may be afraid of getting pregnant, so she refuses the entire sexual relation, or they may have hypersexuality contacts very fast without getting time to have the desired sexual caresses and preparation, which burdened the wife, and causes boredom and tepidity, that make her feels that sexual relation is a duty, not partnership.

Doctors ask the couple to break the usual routine, for example, they can have a morning sexual meeting instead of the night one, or change the place or positions, all of these will break the routine and improve the responses and interactions with both of them.
There is no medication for women to increase the sexual instinct, especially whose she was in the genital phase, which she didn’t reach the amenia age yet.

She already has the needed hormones, which will not solve her problem, note that all the promoted medications are commercial compounds not subjected to studies, and not preferred; all have serious damages with no benefits.

Wife’s Sexual Hypodynamia Reasons

First of all, are the vulva episiostenosis and its depth that results on painful physical contact, and lack of desire. Then she may have a very small clitoris or far from the vestibule of the vulva, and it may be covered with an ecderon, which makes it senseless, and it is from the genital apparatus infections that causes pain while having sex.

Couples’ Sexual impotence measures

Sexual Hypodynamia Cure

Before that we must know types of the Sexual Hypodynamia:
Totally or partially miss lust.
Natural Sexual Hypodynamia from biological deficiency, that appears in the wife’s apathy during the sexual relation.

These may be a result of psychological factors:

The wife’s disgusting from the sexual relation, or the husband himself.
Fearing from the painful sexual relation or getting pregnant or being infected.
The husband’s confusion and he may don’t know the preparation methods before the sexual relation.
Miss feeling the sexual fore-pleasure.
As for the cure, it is classified by the reason, doctors advice to raise the wife’s morale generally, by removing irritants, anxiety, and stress, and it is better to care for the wife’s food, also husband should provide her with the appropriate morality atmosphere with his actions.

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