Botanical oils

By increasing the consciousness of health in the communities people started looking for a nutritional culture that protects them from various diseases.

In the following list, you will know the benefits of the most important Botanical oils, according to nutrition specialist Abeer Abu Rajaili:

Botanical oils

Olive oil : “Botanical oils”

There are many healthy benefits of olive oil; it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids the scientific researchers have accentuated on the extent of its positive effect in reducing the incidence of heart disease and the prevention of some cancers.

And through separate studies it turns out that olive oil may control the level of sugar in the blood, and may reduce the incidence of diabetes type II.

Add olive oil moderately to the salad dishes that accompanying meals to take advantage of its great health benefits.

Canola oil : “Botanical oils”

It is one of the best heart-friendly oils. Contains omega-3, fatty acids and alpha-linolenic fatty acids at high rates.

Replace the margarine and butter with canola oil, which adds a delicious flavor to the foods.

olive oil

Flaxseed oil : “Botanical oils”

The benefit of flaxseed oil is enriched by alpha-linolenic fatty acids and it is the perfect alternative to fish oil.

The benefits of flax seed oil include cardiovascular health and the immune system.

It is recommended for everyone, especially vegetarians; enter it into daily dishes, to get fatty acids.

Sesame oil : “Botanical oils”

The benefits of sesame oil include the ability to improve hair and skin health, stimulate good bone growth, reduce inflammation and protect the heart.

Although the use of sesame oil is not common, but its nutritional importance is significant.

Coconut Oil : “Botanical oils”

Rich in lauric acid, which is known for its anti viral and bacterial properties. It helps to adjust weight and you can use it When you follow a diet to reduce weight.

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