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of this series detailed the continued need for preventative measures to be taken against children in daycare centers contracting common illnesses-even in summer. But what are some of those illnesses?

The Common Cold and Flu-are the most apparent and most plentiful of diseases that strike children. However, they are also the most often misdiagnosed or underestimated ailment, which can lead to problems when children are at daycare.

Should I bring my child to daycare?

If your child is running a fever over 99 degrees, then his or her daycare center is legally obligated to phone parents or other guardians to come and get him or her*-for the health of the other children in the center. Many new medications for children contain fever-reducing medication, which parents administer and then misjudge the children’s temperature. After this medicine wears off-the child’s temperature again rises. This same effect may be seen when a child’s temperature is taken just after waking up in the morning.

Problems can also arise when parents ask childcare providers to let their child remain inside rather than going out on the playground and into the heat or the cold. Many centers will refuse to do so simply because of state-enforced teacher to student ratios that wouldn’t be possible if one teacher remained inside. Also, this may be seen as a privilege and encourage children to feign illness so that they do not have to leave the climate-controlled environment found indoors. A good rule of thumb is-If my child is too sick to go outside, she is too sick to go to daycare.

The Stomach Flu– This common ailment rips its way through schools and daycare centers every year. Some childcare facilities elect or are forced to close their doors for several days at the advent of particularly strong strains of the stomach bug-to cleanse the toys, art supplies, furniture etc. that may be carrying the germs, and to prevent any children that may be carrying the flu from unknowingly carrying it to anyone else.

Should I bring my child to daycare?

Never bring your child to daycare if he or she is vomiting. This rule is also officially supposed to apply to children who have diarrhea*, however, for some children, this may happen for reasons other than actual illness. If your child does not suffer from an upset stomach on a regular basis due to allergies, delayed development of the intestines, ulcer or other reason, then diarrhea is a good indicator that your child should not come to daycare-especially since one sort of stomach flu often will alter into the other.


Childhood Sickness: When is my child too sick to attend Daycare?


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