Colocynthis for backache diabetes & cancer

Citrullus colocynthis is a tropical old World climbing plant of the gourd family. It grows in the seacoasts of North Africa, southern west of Europe, west Asia and Mediterranean Basin.
Colocynthis usually grows at the beginning of autumn, when its green spherical bitter-tasted apple-sized fruits appear. After maturation the fruit color turns to yellow, and contains lots of bitter-tasted seeds. You should wash these seeds with water and salt many times to get rid of this taste.

Colocynthis for backache diabetes & cancer

Colocynthis has many medical benefits, as follow:

• It’s used as a laxative in constipation.
• Treatment of many dermatological lesions.
• Expectorant.
• Treatment of sciatica, arthralgia, gout and backache.
• Treatment of hepatic dysfunction.
• Colocynthis seeds are good diuretics.
• Treatment of ascites.
• Fresh colocynth leaves have strong hemostatic role in wounds bleeding.

International studies… Colocynthis for backache  diabetes & cancer

– A team of researchers in “American association of diabetes” found that effective ingredients extracted from colocynth seeds have an effective role in treatment of diabetes mellitus and obesity.
– Other studies suggest that anti-oxidant content in colocynth may have a role in cancer treatment.

Colocynthis for backache  diabetes & cancer

Five natural recipes of colocynthis:

• Colocynth cocked with vinegar can be used as mouth wash in treatment of dental ache.
• Colocynth leaves cocked with oil can be used as ear drops for treatment of tinnitus.
• Grilled colocynth can be used as topical treatment in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
• Colocynth syrup can be used to get rid of chronic constipation and enhancement of peristalsis movement. This will promote digestion and diminish abdominal gases.
• Colocynthis seeds oil can be used in treatment of some skin illness as scabies.

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