wheat germ

The rapid rhythm of modern life forces people to work long hours a day, which can consequently lead to fatigue and exhaust. While some people try to overcome the problem by eating caffeinated beverages, natural the rapist Charlotte root, author of “Boost your energy naturally and without caffeine”

wheat germ

Points out some of the useful ingredients in fighting fatigue and exhaust.

Seeds germination: Tension and pollution cause oxidation in bodies. The treatment of sprouted seeds will allow them to cope up with these attacks and renew energy in the body. Seed germs are always eaten raw to maintain their nutritional value organic foods are usually found in the fresh foods stores, you can add a handful to two handfuls, to vegetable, salad, soups, bread slices and goat cheese.

Notes: Taking seeds in the evening may cause sleep disturbances for some sensitive people.

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Green juices: Green juices are extracted from fresh green vegetables, specifically rich in chlorophyll, which has actual power to supply blood with oxygen. It is also useful for people at risk of infection. Cucumber is a good basis for making green juice, thanks to its high content of water and potassium. You can add green leaves to it, such as spinach, green cabbage, turnips, onions, etc. as well as other green vegetables such as squash, broccoli, beetroot and others. To make the taste pleasant, you can add apples or pears, but not more than one-third the size of the green juice.

Notes: Drink these juices in the morning on an empty stomach 30 minutes pre breakfast to make the most of the benefits it contains.

Wheat germ: It is the most nutritious part of wheat grains; choose the fresh organic wheat germ, which has not undergone any manufacturing process, and will consequently be rich in nutrients. Gradually enter the wheat germ into your diet, starting with a small spoon to make sure you are not allergic to the wheat, then gradually increase the intake to two tablespoons a day. Sprinkle the wheat germ on fruit salad or sauces or raw vegetables.

Note: Take this treatment regularly over a period of a month. If you want to eat it at long intervals, it is better to rest for a week every month, or two days a week.

Fresh pollen: it is specifically prescribed for its stimulant and tonic benefits, to fight the fatigue caused by the withdrawal of caffeine. As well as in cases of changing seasons to avoid feeling tired. Frozen pollen is the best that keeps the benefits and is sold in flint and is sufficient for about three weeks of treatment. Eat a teaspoon of fresh pollen in the morning with breakfast and you can add it to the fruit or milk, if you do not taste acidic.

fresh pollen

How do you get rid of caffeine?

When you quit caffeine on a daily basis, it is normal to feel tired and have headache for several days. For the sake of this weaning to occur without caffeine start your new system over the weekend to feel comfortable. Reduce the amount of caffeine gradually until you utterly eliminate the amount of caffeine you have. Drink plenty of water to help your body clean and remove all traces of caffeine. If you are not drinking coffee; try replacing it with the herbal tea types prescribed in Indian medicine which contain active spice types; according to top santé.

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