grape leaves

Grape leaves are home-cooked foods that many love. It is a food that keeps the heart healthy, enriched with many minerals and vitamins that are important to the health of the body, and helps in losing weight.

grape leaves

Nutritionist Afnan Al Helou says “grape leaves are one of the most important foods to regulate heart function and stimulate blood circulation“.

It also has an effective role in the treatment of gout, which helps the body to eliminate the organic acids that result from increased protein intake.


Grape leaves are one of the best foods for people who want to lose weight because they contain only a few calories; 55 leaves contain only 14 calories.

In addition, grape leaves are rich in important mineral salts such as potassium, iron, and phosphorus.

grape leaves are

Al-Hilou said that “grape leaves also contain ‘pudon’ which is important in the process of increasing the proportion of estrogen in women bodies, when they reach menopause, which reduces the chances of osteoporosis in them“.

Many recent studies have shown that grape leaves stimulate the body’s work, increase its immunity, and protect it against inflammation.

It also protects the body from clots, bacteria, and toxins, and enhances immunity in the body because it contains various vitamins and minerals.

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