Hibiscus Carob Licorice

Doctors have confirmed that Licorice is a useful beverage for fasting people.

A recent study confirmed that some of the popular drinks in Egypt, which are used as refreshing and anti-thirst drinks, contain many physiochemicals with different effects which are resistant to the bacterial infections in food, water, the causative of diarrhea, dysentery, and food poisoning.

Nutrition Specialist Dr. Ruwaida Idris advises you to adopt these drinks, not only in Ramadan, but also in the summer.  Here are some of their benefits:

Hibiscus Carob Licorice

Licorice for Disease Prevention

Doctors have confirmed that licorice is a useful beverage for fasting people, which contains some ingredients that are equivalent to 50 times the sweetness of normal sugar, which is beneficial for diabetics.

The yellow color of the drink, resulting from the containment of antioxidants known as flavonoids, is anti-inflammatory and is a kind of prevention of some cardiovascular diseases as well as some cancers, by the disposal of free radicals in the body which have been a result of  environmental pollution and smoking and excessive consumption of fat .

A recent study also reported that licorice helps to heal stomach ulcers and restore the liver because it contains different minerals, and purifies the blood.  It is also a diuretic, appetizing, and easily digestible.  The study showed that licorice is a general body tonic, it is useful in healing rheumatism, and helps to strengthen the body’s immune system.

However, heart patients and those with hypertension are advised not to overuse licorice because it works to increase the release of potassium in urine and retain the sodium, which is dangerous for patients with high blood pressure.


Hibiscus for Digestion

According to a recent scientific study, hibiscus contains many plant’s acids that benefit digestion and remove acidity from the stomach.

Hibiscus is a treatment for diarrhea and antiseptic for the stomach, useful for chest treatment, and also works to lower high blood pressure.

It is noteworthy that the excessive intake of hibiscus may harm kidney patients, because it contains oxalates that precipitate to cause the kidney stones.

Carob – A Therapy for the Irritable Colon

A recent study conducted at the National Research Center in Cairo confirmed that the cold syrup of carob is refreshing in the summer, activity renewing, and a stomach tonic and diuretic, in addition to its ability to treat irritable colon.

The carob drink activates the excretion of the gallbladder, calms the excess movement of the intestines, and reduces the loss of fluids associated with diarrhea, which leads to the loss of salts and dry the body.

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