Hypertension is considered one of dangerous and chronic diseases which leads to heart diseases. At the time that numbers of sick people increases around the world specially in west countries , “Be Healthy” Offers you some natural solutions that help to lower Hypertension, like:


Drink beetroot or beets juice

Beetroot is rich in nitrates. This is a natural chemical, known with its ability to significantly lower Hypertension.

Drinking a large cup (about 500 ml) of beet juice can lower Hypertension by about 5 points thanks to its work on blood vessels.

Exposure to sunlight

Under the influence of sunlight,Small amounts of nitric oxide are transferred , from the skin cells to the blood circulation, that lowers hypertension. In addition, exposure to sunlight allows the formation of vitamin D which is a necessary vitamin to regulate blood pressure in the body. But, always remember to protect your skin.

low blood pressure

Reduce eating meat

This advice comes directly from Japan,Where doctors discovered that vegetarians are characterized by low blood pressure. Compared to people who eat meat. Specifically, vegetarian diet is associated with a decrease in blood pressure levels ranging from 4.7 to 6.9 points.

This is equivalent to the reduction recorded when a person with overweight; who suffers from hypertension, loses about 5 kg of weight.

The explanation for this is that vegetarian foods contain small amounts of sodium(The main enemy that causes hypertension); but it is also rich in potassium, which works to lower blood pressure.

Have a rich breakfast

The changes in our lifestyle, and our daily behaviors such as smoking, labor-related tension,lifeless lifestyles and weight gain; all contributed to an increase in the beginning of hypertension in women.

But a recent study found that women who ate a rich breakfast (about 700 calories), and then two lighter meals during the day. Their blood pressure level is lower than who eat a small breakfast, then the following meals are larger.

Remember to include yogurt on your menu Because the calcium in milk. Relaxes and expands blood vessels, this keeps low blood pressure.

exposure to sunlight

Walk regularly every day

A recent US study involving 6,000 mature people, confirmed that regular physical activity, reduces the risk of exposure to hypertensionThere is no need to exercise hard.So just walking about 60 minutes a day is enough to reach the desired result. Swimming and water sports are also recommended, especially for people with drug resistance.

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