Good health means healthy food, exercise, and enough sleep.


Cleaning the house is not less important than that. It can help prevent the entry of unwanted pests that often carry deadly diseases. But the chemical products we use daily in cleaning our house may contain harmful ingredients. These can affect you and your family as well . Hence, you should use products created from natural components or plants such as lemon juice or even baking soda . These are very secure, inexpensive, and easy to obtain. If unsure, it is better to ask help from a residential pest control services company.

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During winter, germs and viruses spread all around our household.  This may increase the chances of infection among family members such as cold, flu, etc. We can stop this by cleaning our house from inside and outside properly.

We must have the sun come into our home daily. This will kill bacteria and other germs.  We also must not place garbage in our household or even close to it; rather, we must get rid of it in a safe way to prevent spreading infection or diseases.


To keep off this infection:

  • First : We should always keep our home clean by opening windows, at least twice a day for 10 minutes. This will renew the air and lower humidity in the house. Studies show that increasing the fresh air in a home improves respiratory health.
  • Second : According to this article, it is necessary to get rid of dust and pet hair, by passing the vacuum over the beds and sofas to get rid of dust and other unseen germs. Proper hand washing and cleaning of kitchen equipment and food preparation surfaces help prevent the spread of germs that can cause illness.
  • Third : We should always clean the surfaces – especially those which we touch regularly, such as taps, door handles, remote controls, keyboards, and phones.
  • Finally : Bathrooms are the most important place in our home that needs constant cleaning, because neglecting them may cause a lot of damage through accumulating germ sand infections.
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