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More Vegetables and Less Meat: New Recommendations for a Long Life

New recommendations have been declared by agencies concerned with peoples’ health, and the national agency for food, environment and labor safety (ANSES) has updated its recommendations for balanced nutrition.

food environment

As it pointed out, it is necessary to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and grains, and less meat. The agency also called on the consumers to reduce the consumption of salt and sugar.

fruits and vegetables
fruits and vegetables

Five types of fruits and vegetables daily.

The national agency for food, environment and labor safety has updated its recommendations for food consumption, and this is thanks to scientific progress in the nutrition science field. It pointed out that fruits and vegetables specifically are welcome in the daily diet.

In addition, eating whole grains (bread, pasta-all types- and whole rice) is better than manufactured grains(white bread and rice and pasta made from refined wheat).

Also, the menu should include legumes such as chick peas, lentils and beans. And as for fats, it is better to use vegetable oils, especially rapeseed oil and walnut oil, which are rich in alpha linoleic acid.


Avoid Excess.

Undoubtedly, you should avoid over-eating meat, so as not to exceed 25 grams per day, as well as not indulging in sugary drinks, not more than one cup a day. The meat remains an important element of our diet, but we should not over-eat it.

And as for poultry, the national agency for food, environment and labor safety recommends 500 grams per week, as well as fish, which should be eaten twice a week. This includes fatty fish such as sardines or mackerel.

And if you want to add sugar or salt to your dishes, be aware of over-increasing . These two substances are not forbidden, but they should be eaten moderately.

All these recommendations aim to provide the basic food needs that our bodies need, and to avoid chronic diseases such as heart and blood vessel diseases.

The recommendations of the National Agency for Food, Environment, and Labor Safety ave been to diversify food lists and their sources to avoid harmful substances like acryl amide, found in some types of food cooked at very high temperatures, and lead.

Please Be Healthy, because we care.

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