Yogurt is considered a great source of vitamins, minerals and proteins, so it is very useful for those who are under a strict diet. It is an easy digestible food and light on the stomach.


Yogurt strengthens bones and teeth, and recent medical research has revealed that it is helpful in reducing cancer, preventing food poisoning, and strengthening memory.

However, the report that was published on the site “Care of American Health” revealed a set of myths about yogurt that may to be unknown to many people, including:

1- Whole yogurt is healthy:

Incorrect information, as some types of yogurt contain more sugars than donuts and sweets, especially low-fat varieties.

Many types of yogurt also contain artificial colors and many harmful substances.


2 – All types of yogurt contain healthy types of probiotics or bio-yeast:

Not true, as the transport and erroneous storage inhibit the effectiveness of these compounds, and thus eliminate the benefit of the healthy ones.

3- Yogurt is the best source of probiotics:

This is an incorrect statement, as there are already many foods that contain higher concentrations of bio-yeast.

4- People who are allergic to lactose can eat yogurt without problems:

Morewrong information, as that depends on the amount of sugar lactose in the yogurt. It can also cause problems for people who are very sensitive to lactose.

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