long time sitting

We can say that our bodies can’t stay without moving for a long time like a chair or a table. As sitting for a long time in the same place hurts our health. A lot of people spend up to 12 hours a day, sit in their chairs looking at computers or watching T V. They will soon be ill.

Long Sit causes, illnesses such as heart problems and diabetes; also it is very bad for the health of the liver.

long time sitting

A recent study made in the U S A, for kids between four and five years. This study shows that these kids spend seven and a half hours a day in front of sets screens. There is an increase of an hour and seventeen minutes, the same old children did five years ago. The same study showed that some kids over the age of two spend about two hours a day in front of the TV.

Another study shows that a huge number of teens stay more than seven hours a day sit or lay at home. This number goes up with age. They spend all those hours watching TV, using PC, using smart phones, doing homework, sleep, reading books, newspaper, or magazines. This is a very long time they spent at home, which causes illness for them.

hours a day

Doctors advise us to keep moving all parts of our body. These through sports, walk or even ride a bike from ecosmobike.com for 20 minutes every day. Exercises are very important for all parts of our body, such as legs, back, and arms, at least two days a week. It is better for us to change our long set.

We can stand, run, walk, exercise, or even move our legs to renew blood in our bodies and keep them healthy.

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