free radicals

Because the health of the mother is more important than the treasures of the world; it needs those who remind her in her day. Some tips are to be followed to maintain a healthy fit body.

free radicals

Be Healthy” asks the nutritional specialist; Abeer Abu Rajili about the most prominent advice she primarily refers to the essential nutritional ingredients to the mother saying;” Anti – oxidants are the best ally of women’s health . They fight the free radicals responsible for many diseases and health problems.

In the age; the immune system is less able to fight the negative effect of free radicals. Therefore; many foods rich in vitamin C; such as red fruits; citrus, green leafy vegetables, selenium, sea food, meat and zinc, Mullet and legumes.

mother breakfast

The specialist Abu Rajili assumes some important steps to be followed by every mother.

Don’t miss breakfast: Based on various scientific has been found that breakfast is very important, and helps to reduce weight and the success of diet. People who eat breakfast are less fat than those who do not.

Take care of the health of your heart and make focus on the foods that are friendly to it : Make sure to give full priority to omega-3 fatty acids found in tuna, salmon, herring linseed and walnuts. Recent studies have shown that this substance has the ability to prevent sudden death from a heart attack.

nutritional foods

Obtain yourself from osteoporosis: to get strong bones, it is essential to provide your body with daily needs of calcium, and perhaps the most important sources of milk and its derivatives. Do not overlook the vitamin D, which enhances the body’s ability to absorb calcium, found in eggs, salmon and some foods supported.

Working women:Your work and interest in your family may take most of your time. So you have to rely on the principle of organization. Organize schedule of foods you and your family will prepare during the week, including a variety of food items that will protect both your health and your family’s health altogether.

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