children hand

The “gel” containing hydro – alcohol is found in almost all bags and office drawers, has been in place since the outbreak of influenza A in 2010; as it is particularly effective in preventing the spread of the virus when a person cannot wash his hands with soap and water at places where is not available. If you work in a medical center you are most likely are going to have most of the are sterile, for those who struggle with that, consider getting help from a EO Sterilization Service.

children hand

In order for the gel products to take their place in the bags; the manufacturers tend to diversify in their bright colors such as the color of the iris arc and its fine smells.

In short these temptations are enough to attract the eyes of children and make them want to taste the contents of these small colored containers.

health authorities

Health authorities in the U.S recorded around 70,000 incidents between 2010 and 2014. More than 8000 children were admitted to hospital because of stomachache and vomiting; three cases of spasticity and five coma cases; while the number of children who gets poisoned after digesting; alcohol – based hand sanitizers is still increasing; according to the O.S health reports.


These types of sterile hand gel contain sixty to ninety – five percent ethanol or isopropyl alcohol; for this reason; the U.S health authorities have recommended; that children be kept under constant supervision when using these products; and that sterilized get should not be left in their hands at all; to protect them from danger.

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