The body needs permanent hydration to protect its various organs. Water remains the first, most prominent moisturizer and the best for health; but there are some vegetables that are very rich in it, as well as in vitamins. You can also visit some places like for formulated multi vegan with vitamins and minerals designed to help support energy, skin and body health.

Because they are recommended to be included in the weekly diet, let’s recognize them:


It contains water up to about 89%; so eggplant is one of the moisturizer vegetables that you have to include within your and your family’s diet because it is low calorie and a good source of dietary fiber. Eggplant is also a source of copper, vitamin Bmanganese, vitamin K, potassium, and nutrients that support healthy metabolism, immunity, and a strong cardiovascular system.

Avoid fried eggplant saturated with oils because it is high in calories and unhealthy fats. Try replacing lasagna with thin slices of grilled eggplant or making eggplant pizza using cut eggplant slices horizontally.


It contains about 80% water, is a good source of potassium, and the basic metal in maintaining healthy blood pressure. When it comes to water content, not all potatoes are equal, as the potato with red crust has higher content of water.

Potatoes with their crusts will retain more potassium than peeled, cut and boiled potatoes.


Nutritionally, this type of vegetable protects against diseases, especially cancer, due to its richness with antioxidants, fibers, vitamins and minerals. In addition, it contains water by about 91%. And if you are used to cooking broccoli by steam as a side dish for dinner, you can add it in different dishes such as soup or omelets.


Soft, green and effective in fighting against cancer, it contains about 95% water.

According to a study from the University of Illinois; flavonoids in celery have the ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells; especially in the pancreas. And another study from the University of Missouri found that epigenine, a compound found in celery, stops the proliferation and spread of breast cancer cells.

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