Patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease may find a team approach to managing their disease and preventing complications by using the knowledge from the cpr training london is a wise decision.

The team members can change as needs change throughout the lifetime. Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at any time. That is why teaching as many people CPR as possible is very important. Why not attend to a CPR class to have a CPR Certification Nashville?

In addition to the patient, the team can consist of the primary care practitioner, a nurse educator or NP, a specialist (i.e. cardiologist or endocrinologist), a dietitian, and an exercise trainer. All of the professionals should be experienced in managing care of the specific chronic disease(s). They must also be willing to communicate with each other.

The core of the team is the patient who lives with the chronic disease and knows how his/her body feels and reacts or responds to treatment modalities. The patient has to reveal this information for the team to assess, diagnose and plan the care. The patient has to comply with the plan and inform the team of the effects.

Diet, medication, exercise and stress management are key elements to wellness and successful management of chronic diseases. A nurse educator, dietitian and exercise trainer can help educate the patient, assess and carry out the plan to manage the chronic disease.

The primary care practitioner may act as the team leader and spokesperson. S/he should be kept informed of all aspects of the disease management such as diet, medications, and exercise plans. The specialist will manage the specific disease such as the heart disease or diabetes.

For some patients there may be more than one specialist involved and the role of team leader expands. It is important that all team members communicate with each other so that prescribed medications, diet and exercise are not duplicated or contraindicated.

In some instances, the nurse educator or nurse practitioner may take on a case management role and be the intermediary with the physicians and practitioners.

Using one pharmacy is wise even if a team approach is not being used so that medication oversight is involved and medications are not being duplicated. If there is an issue of incompatibility or contraindication, the pharmacy should be able to catch that and contact the appropriate physician.

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As the patient ages or unavoidable complications set in, other team members may need to be added. Other changes such as pregnancy can dictate a need for new team members. Again these new members should be experienced in caring for patients with the specific chronic disease and be willing to communicate with the team.

This team approach is not a new idea. In 2014, a study entitled Team Care: A Comprehensive Lifetime Management for Diabetes was performed by the National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP).

The results of this study revealed that patients with Type 2 diabetes required fewer hospitalizations and experienced fewer complications from their diabetes when using a team approach to manage their diabetes as compared to those who used a primary physician alone.


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