kidney diseases

;;Obesity has been claimed to be among the top leading causes of severe health issues! ;Meanwhile, recent medical studies have directly linked obesity to serious chronic kidney troubles revealing approximately the same levels of risk caused by diabetes and high blood pressure!

On the occasion of the twelfth world kidney day celebration, Lebanese health ministry along with Lebanese kidney related disease association; have collectively launched their first public prevention campaign aiming to reach an ultimate protection against obesity and kidney associated health issues.

” Your kidney can’t stand your weight excess ” was the adopted slogan for the campaign.

This year’s celebration puts the focus on giving ardent warning calls to make people aware of the dangerous outcomes of obesity; and their relation with future emerging kidney troubles. Meanwhile; healthcare providers assisting the campaign encouraged people to follow a healthy lifestyle with strict measures to keep healthy and fit.

kidney diseases

Obesity and serious health threats!

About 600 millions of the world total population are suffering from obesity. 83% among them are considered to potentially have higher risks to develop chronic kidney diseases (CKD) a multiple number of times more than people with average weight! They are expected to develop serious symptoms at some point of their life! Accordingly; research revealed that an estimated rate of 10% of the world total population have already been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Typical health strategies are being adopted to get rid of obesity and all related health issues.

They aim at reducing diabetes and high blood pressure rates and work towards their radical eradication.

They have a common objective which is kidney trouble prevention as a kidney is actually one of the most vital organs with crucial roles interfering with our overall system.

You have to protect and take care of your kidneys following practical healthy habits such as; increasing water and liquid daily intake, avoiding smoking and regular sport activities.

Raising awareness!

Robert Nadjm, president of Lebanese national kidney and hypertension association said:

chronic kidney

”we are facing high risks to develop serious kidney diseases in Lebanon. More than a half of the population is a subject to these potential increasing risks because these people are actually overweight!; And 18% among them suffer from severe obesity while most of them are males’. This year, we are taking part in the global awareness movement on potential risks of kidney diseases and their probable links with obesity. We will do that through encouraging every Lebanese citizen to follow a healthy lifestyle” . He added.

Doctor Charles Saeb, a specialist consultant charged of glands issues at (Qualb Yassoue) hospital has accordingly announced:

“It has been scientifically proved that obesity presents a crucial role in the appearance of kidney related symptoms just like the already known risks caused by diabetes and hypertension”.
That’s why we are continuously requesting people to keep an adequate weight and go through healthy; lifestyle measures to reduce potential risks and to prevent further symptom development; among those who already suffer from kidney diseases‘.


Finally, Ghassan Hassibani ministry council vice president and health minister concluded:

Being informed of the positive outcomes of last year’s campaign; we have the great honor to carry our work on and express our sincere feelings of solidarity with the Lebanese kidney and hypertension association.

We will manage to work together to raise people’s awareness and give them practical guidelines”.

The campaign has been launched during a press conference with the total support of ”Sanouvi” company; and Lebanese endocrine glands and diabetes association in addition to ministry of communication; Lebanese doctors, hospitals and nursing syndicates.

We don’t forget to mention nutrition department at Queddis youssof medical school; and a crowd of public associations and press representatives.

This campaign will be promoted through the most commonly known media such as; TV, radio, digital means including social media to have this message transmitted to the public and raise people’s awareness.

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