Many studies about Heart Disease stimulate us to have breakfast and others prevent us from it. But today, US doctors say that the organization of traditional meals, snacks in advance, and eating breakfast daily may help reduce the risk of Heart Disease and blood vessel diseases.


Be ware , Heart Disease and blood vessel disease

Eating more calories in the early day and consuming less food at night may also reduce the risk of a heart attack; cerebral stroke, or other Heart Diseases and blood vessel diseases; according to a scientific statement from the American Heart Association.

“Eating time may be important as well as what we eat,” said Mary Pierre St Unge; who heads the group that wrote the guidelines and a nutritionist at the Columbia University Medical Center in New York.

Heart Diseases
Heart Diseases

Be Healthy, Because We Care

When people eat breakfast daily, they are likely not to be exposed to the factors that cause Heart Disease and blood vessel disease; such as high cholesterol and elevation of blood pressure. It is likely that those who do not continue to have this morning meal are more susceptible to several factors, such as: obesity, malnutrition, diabetes, and hyperglycemia, according to St Unge and her colleagues in the journal Circulation.

“This is because the timing of meals may affect health by affecting the body’s internal clock,” St. Unge said in an e-mail. The body may not deal with sugars at night as it does during the day. Studies have linked the employees with shifts by increasing their risk of obesity and heart disease, unlike those who perform ordinary work during the day.

Regular Breakfast
Regular Breakfast

Live A Good Healthy Life

“We know from population studies that eating breakfast is associated with low weight and healthy meals; as well as reducing the risk of Heart Disease and blood vessel disease”;St Unge said.

But she warned that breakfast for some people who are not used to eating it may mean an extra meal and over-weight again. Make it a point to visit a health care center frequently.

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