white meat

White Meat is known for its usefulness. 

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white meat

Nutritional value of white meat:

1- Fish

Fish is one of the easiest dishes to prepare and contains the most important human food sources that furnish the necessary elements.


Fish is very rich in proteins and amino acids that are necessary for the body growth and regeneration of cells .
Fish also contains a lot of iron. 
There are many important minerals in fish like phosphorus and calcium – to help bone formation – plus zinc and copper to aid in body growth .
Fish also consists of body nourishing vitamins for youthfulness and maintaining immunity . 
The fish is characterized by low fat and calories, so nutritional therapists focus on it when writing a prescription for a diet .
Fish also plays a role in protecting the heart from clots that lowers cholesterol in the blood and protects the brain from dementia (Alzheimer’s).


2- Poultry

Poultry is most prevalent among the different types of meat .

It’s also devoid of fat if you remove the skin, plus contains a lower calorie ratio .
It is a very rich source of animal protein, which helps the body grow and rebuild damaged parts like wounds that may infect the body.
The white meat of poultry contains phosphorus, iron, zinc, plus a large number of vitamins that nourish the physical immune system that protects from disease.
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