Too much work in front of various electronic screens, malnutrition, getting older and catching some diseases; all of them are factors that lead to reduction of visual acuity and problems of eye network. There’s a wide variety of medical eye products that can help such as ocular steroids, Eyepromise DVS Nutritional Eye Supplement options and decongestants just to name a few. Your optical health is essential to your overall well-being. Make sure to get an eye examination on regular basis to determine if there are any irregularities. If you need eyeglasses visit Eyeglasses.com for great options.

Nutrition specialist (Janine Awad Elgamil) ensures that diversification of choosing food plays a vital role in decreasing from catching diseases .

She provided a list of some useful categories of food that guarantees the protection for eyes :


Carrots :

And the other vegetables and fruits with orange color , like sweet potato ; Pumpkin ; Peaches ; Papaya and others, enhancing eye health and protect the sight . that because they`re rich in beta-carotene , it is kind of vitamin (A) ; which help in preserve eye network and makes it works properly .

Leafy vegetables : aye rocket

Specially the dark one , it has a very high amount of (Lutein) and (Ziacantin) .

They are Antioxidant substances , and the studies ensure that they`re able to decrease the danger of infection by the black water (Macular Degeneration) .

Lutein and ziacantin are two types of carotenoids ; which are yellow and red pigments found widely in vegetables and other plants .

though lutein is considered a yellow pigment , in high concentrations it appears orange-red .

lutein and ziacantin

Eggs: rich in Lutein & Ziacantin

Egg yolk is a main source of (Lutein) , (Ziacantin) and zinc which decrease the danger of the black and blue water in the eye .

Mulberry : rich in vitamin

Rich in vitamin ( c ) . It is proved that mulberry decrease from the danger of the eye lens blackout ; and protect the white color around the pupil of the eye .

Almonds : rich in vitamin

Rich in vitamin ( E ) . It is working on decrease of Macular Degeneration in the eye .

One hand grip a day from almonds guarantees half amount of the ( E ) Vitamin which the body needs daily .

rich in vitamin

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